• Our Mission:
    Our mission is to help communities create a sustainable future for all living things through education, biodiversity preservation, and a culture of appreciation for the natural world.
    • Education
      Education is at the core of everything we do.
      We believe when people learn the importance of biodiversity and ecological issues they will be motivated to work toward a sustainable future.
      We want to help you teach your community.
    • Biodiversity Preservation
      Actions speak louder than words. We live what we teach.
      We believe the best way to teach is by showing what can be done. By incorporating educational elements into ecological initiatives, you double the benefit.
      We want to help your community create programs that benefit your ecological well-being and teach the members of your community why it matters.
    • Cultural Appreciation of Living Things
      Cultural beliefs often result in causing harm to ecosystems. There is no reason cultural beliefs can't do the opposite.
      We believe the key to a better planet is an appreciation for all things living on our planet.
      We want to help others understand this belief.
    • Who is TASOW?
      We are simply people who accepted the challenge of teaching others how to live for the future. You can join us.
      TASOW was started in 2004 by a few high school students. We believe young people deserve the chance to learn and the opportunity to teach others.
      We are currently headquartered in Western Pennsylvania in the town of Slippery Rock.
      TASOW is a government-certified 501(c)3 non-profit.